Create Meaningful Experiences

Beyond a 3D reality, the 10th dimension is an infinite one, where space has no beginning or end and where everything is possible.

We are developers building immersive experiences using leading-edge software & hardware to educate, innovate, and entertain.

The Dimension X team is comprised of some of the brightest minds I’ve had the privilege of working with. The culture is one that celebrates excellence, personal growth, and a team-centered mindset. It’s no wonder these critical thinkers continually generate world-class architectures, thoughtful business endeavors, and unique applications of cutting-edge technology. Best of all, they are trustworthy and respectful to the core; it’s an honor to collaborate with them!

– Founder

Our Work

Our Work

A Glimpse Into Our Expertise and Experience

Flight Simulation

Real-time man-in-the-loop flight simulators (software & hardware), architected for extensibility and immersion. Deployed on devices ranging from laptops to 360° domes, from full-motion simulators to AR/VR experiences.

These projects have enabled true-to-life training experiences, immersive testbeds for research & development, and profound inspiration for the next generation of pilots and engineers.

Space Adventures

Multiplayer, in-person space simulation software for large teams of children and/or adults. Runs highly-interactive space missions in which participants perform a variety of functional roles that foster teamwork, communication, critical thinking, decision making, and scenario analysis.

This software is, at heart, an immersive storytelling tool which controls all aspects of the experience. Participants are engaged in dynamic missions that create productive cognitive dissonance… reinforcing executive thinking, decision making & leadership, and inspiring STEM education & career paths.

Pilot Training

Web and mobile flight school application for scheduling, billing, and training top-tier students for commercial airline employment.

This software facilitates individual, instructor-led, and peer learning using a customized learning management system (LMS) for scoring & measuring progress. It is a stand-out application to help train pilots more efficiently.

Enterprise Healthcare

Internationally distributed vision therapy software suite that leverages both passive and active 3D glasses, Wii-BalanceBoards, Wii-Motes, and was even prototyped onto the original Microsoft HoloLens back when it first released.

The software suite was developed to gamify various therapeutic exercises meant to analyze and improve upon patient vision states in a way that encouraged engagement and regular usage; in younger patients especially.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

C#, C++, Unity, Unreal, AWS/Azure, Javascript, Python, SQL, MySql, SQLite and others as needed. Per client requirements, we can develop across any device as we have expertise with nearly all VR hardware and across standard consumer mobile and desktop hardware enabling a truly omni-location experience.

No minimum or maximum, within reason. We have a large network of contacts so we can scale down with lower cost resources to hit a budget, or scale up through partners to create large, enterprise applications for Fortune 100 clients.

Our leadership team were some of the original members of the Unity developer community and because of our work history, we’ve been following the leading edge of technology for the last decade and a half. We dedicate team time to continuous learning, attendance at industry conferences and our projects require constant R&D to create solutions for evolving problems.

Yes we have too. Talk to us. See our work. Speak to our customers. We aren’t perfect, but code quality, thoughtful UI/UX, transparent project management and constant communication and budget management are areas of focus.

We thoughtfully develop up-front plans to align expectations with budgets. Our project management tracks progress against timelines and budgets and per the contract, we deliver for a fixed fee or we adjust the scope if requirements change.

According to your needs we can train your staff, hire staff or introduce you to dedicated support organizations with scalable support.